Evan Pratten

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My Network

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I operate Autonomous System 398057, a multinational network routing public internet traffic between various nodes and peers.

The network is designed to be a playground for my experiments and research, while at the same time providing internet access to my servers and devices in a fast and reliable manner.

Map of network routers

What is the network actually doing?

Currently, AS398057 is:

  • Providing IPv6 transit to various clients
  • Running a private tunnel brokerage service
  • Running an experiment to analyze the uses of anycasted amateur radio services.
  • Hosting APRS IGates and EchoLink Proxies


AS398057 has an open peering policy and is willing to peer with networks which meet one of the following criteria:

  • The network is connected to an IXP in common with AS398057
  • The network is able to directly cross-connect to an AS398057 router
  • The network is willing to peer over a tunnel

..and agrees to the following:

  • Only send routes from your own network and/or your customers unless otherwise agreed upon
  • Only announce address space which you are authorized to announce
  • Only send traffic destined to the routes AS398057 announces to you

To request a peering arrangement, please contact me via email at [email protected], on discord at ewpratten#9114, or through a common IXP's peering portal.

Additional peering information

IPv6 Certification Badge for ewpratten ARIN Member AMPRNet Operator