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A10U8R: Signal Attenuator

A small, but helpful module for VCV Rack 2

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A10U8R is a 2 HP (10.16mm) attenuator module for VCV Rack 2, inspired by a real life version of the same thing I worked on for my grandfather.

This module features one input, one output, and a nob that multiplies the input voltage by a range from $0$ to $1$. Nothing fancy.

A10U8R in a rack


The latest version of this plugin may be downloaded from the releases page.

To install, copy your downloaded .vcvplugin file to your Rack 2 user directory's plugins folder. This is usually one of:

  • Linux: ~/.Rack2/plugins
  • Windows: My Documents/Rack2/plugins
  • MacOS: Documents/Rack2/plugins

Updates, Support, and Contributing

This product is free and open source. I do not provide any support beyond replies to your GitHub issues when I have the time to do so.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please submit bugfixes and improvements to the source repository or consider donating to support my work.