Evan Pratten

Software Developer

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About me

Hey, I'm Evan! I'm a software developer by day, and indecisive about my hobbies by night.

I like to learn new things, and build up my arsenal of unusual skills. Everything I do revolves around making use of cutting-edge technology to solve problems. This website is the home to everything I'm up to, feel free to look around!

"Collecting hobbies like pokemon cards"

As always, I'm working on multiple projects at the same time and have my head crammed full of technobabble. Currently, I am:


I am currently offering the following services upon request. Get in touch with me if you're interested:

The less technical

Occasionally I like to spend some time doing something that doesn't involve programming.

I've been a musician since a very young age, and still continue my musical experimentation (albeit to a lesser degree) in my free time. I generally focus on integrating various samples into new genres, and like to produce tracks that float somewhere between dubstep and lofi. Check out my music page for more info.

I also enjoy shooting and editing photos. I almost exclusively shoot with just a phone camera, and like playing around with various bits of software for the finishing touches. Check out my photography and 3D rendering work on my Instagram page.


AS398057 (formerly AS204466) is my personal network, powering many of my projects. I cover all aspects of network operation myself, from playing NOC to getting my hands dirty with hand-crafted router configs.

Rust libraries

I develop and maintain many Rust libraries. Some are end products, but many are developed out of necessity for other projects of mine. I see a strong future in the Rust programming language, and it has become my language of choice in personal projects.

The Ludum Dare game jam

Every half-year, I set aside some time to participate in Ludum Dare. The following are the finished games I have worked on as a part of the event:


From 2017 to 2021, I was the Lead Software Developer at Raider Robotics, a competitive robotics team. I handled most aspects of core software development and subteam management. Some of the biggest projects I lead during my time with the team were:

  • Lib5K, the core control and mathematics library for the team
  • Darth Raider, a highly integrated robot with fully-autonomous navigation and control
  • HATCHField, a robot with experimental on-the-fly path planning capabilities
  • Q*bert, a robot that integrated my first ever computer-vision-assisted aiming system