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Evan Pratten
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Ok... The title is slightly wrong. There are actually 2 scripts.. Sorry about that.

This is a guide on installing and using the BecomeRanter script.

Getting dependancies

The scripts use Google's tensorflow library to do its "magic". So first, we should install Tensorflow's dependencies.

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip # change this command to fit your distro
pip3 install numpy

Then install Tensorflow

pip3 install tensorflow # for cpu processing
pip3 install tensorflow-gpu # for gpu processing

Next up, install the rest of the stuff:

pip3 install textgenrnn pandas keras

Clone the repo

This is pretty simple. just make sure you have git installed and run

git clone https://github.com/Ewpratten/BecomeRanter.git

Generate some rants with a .hdf5 file

As of the time of writing this, I have pre-generated some files for the two most popular ranters. These files can be found in BecomeRanter/Checkpoint\ Files.

Higher epoch numbers mean that they have had more time to train. The files with lower numbers are generally funnier.

To change the .hdf5 file you would like to use, open the file called createsomerants.py and change the variable called input_file to the path of your file. By default, the script generates from the Linuxxx-epoch-90.hdf5 file.

Next, save that file and run the following in your terminal:

python3 createsomerants.py >> output.txt

It will not print the results out to the screen and put them in the file instead.

To stop the script, press CTRL + C

Create your own .hdf5 file

If you want to make your own hdf5 file, you just have to use the other script in the repo.

By default, you can just put all your text to train on in the input.txt file.

If you want to use a different file, or change the number of epochs, those variables can be found at the top of the createhfd5frominput.py file.

To start training, run:

python3 createhfd5frominput.py

A new hdf5 file will be generated in the same folder as the script