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Getting Visual Paradigm to launch on Fedora 36

Bundle your libraries correctly, kids

When installing Visual Paradigm on my Fedora workstation today, I kept running into a SIGSEGV error, causing the bundled JVM to crash.

This issue was specifically starting at a function call to hb_font_get_font_v_extents_default in libharfbuzz.

The solution

To get VP to launch correctly:

  • Download the InstallFree version of the program from your download source and extract it
  • Download Temurin JRE 11.0.15 and extract it
  • Delete the Visual_Paradigm_<version>/jre directory from the VP installer
  • Replace that JRE directory with the contents of the Temurin JRE package (renaming the folder to jre)
  • Launch, and ignore the warnings


Why does this post exist?

SEO? I will probably run in to this issue again a few more times, so why not write it down instead of digging through a crash report from the second page of google.

..and ya. SEO. Lots of juicy keywords are to be had in this document 😉