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Evan Pratten
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We lost a weather balloon in another country

..and made the news because of it

A news article was written about a project I was involved in. It's even headed by a photo I took!

From the London Free Press:

An appeal is going out to the Keystone state after a London high school class found out weather balloons can get away on you.

Theirs — part of a high-flying experiment they thought would travel about 100 kilometres, 150 km tops — drifted twice as far, crossing the Canada-U.S. border and coming down in a mountain valley in Pennsylvania, 300 kilometres away.

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Once found on the American side of the border, a corresponding article was written by the Potter Leader-Enterprise:

At the school, principal Tracy Kio and fourth-grade science teacher Robert Raudenbush learned more about the balloon’s origins.

They had found that the balloon was part an experiment, launched more than a week ago from a football field in London, Ontario, Canada, by H.B. Beal Secondary school teacher Dung Tiet and 10 eager ninth-graders.

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The balloon on the other side