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Darth Raider

Darth Raider was a 4-foot-tall 120lb robot that myself and a group of friends designed, built, and programmed at Raider Robotics back in 2020. I personally lead software development for the project, and also played a key part in guiding the physical design of the robot.

Darth Raider

Darth Raider carried a 15-4-0 WLT record, and was ranked #1 at the FIRST Robotics Humber College ONT District Event. This success ranked Raider Robotics as the 8th best robotics team in all of Canada for the 2020 competition season.

High-Level Features

  • On the fly autonomous path planning & following
  • Fully autonomous global positioning system
  • Environmentally reactive aim compensation
  • Highly coordinated intra-system game piece handling