Evan Pratten
Evan Pratten
Software Developer

[data::loss] is a fast-paced side-scroller platforming game where you navigate a world full of graphical inconsistencies that have a habit of causing physical consequences.

The game was built by myself and a collection of friends during my first year of college. The whole game was created in just 72 hours by a team that had never worked together before. For many of the members, this was their first time building a game!


Why would you make this game? Why would you do this to another person? Not everyone chose violence for this game jam. There was a game about a kobold making inventions out of junk to buy a nice rock. There was a physics game about mixing colored beads to make new colors. I saved some pirates from a dragon and some parrots in one game. This game took all my ideas of space and time and called them cringe. I don’t know what pit of hell you came from, but I hope you’re happy. 10/10. - DragonSheep

... Overall this is a great game, the art and music is awesome, and there’s a good dose of humor and sass to the game. Awesome job!! - lukeoco1234

Great game, really liked the aesthetic, it takes what would be an already cool reflex based autorun game and enhances is it with unique challenges in the levels. - AidanV03

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Check out the Ludum Dare page for this game to learn more about it, and download it for yourself.

The whole process was also open source. The code and assets can be found on GitHub.