Evan Pratten
Evan Pratten
Software Developer

Deep Breath is an exploration game where you explore an underwater cave in hopes of finding your lost transponder. Items and upgrades can be acquired along the way to assist your search.


I love the mood of this game. As you get deeper and deeper, you tend to forget that you have to breathe. But… the game does remind you, or at least it reminds your clone. I love the feel of just moving around in the ocean. - MrTroy

I loved your pixel art. I had fun collecting my fishes and it was beautiful having them around me when i was going deeper and deeper. Until i die. But overall, it’s a great game - RedSorel

Nice game! The gameplay works well, simple and efficient, the graphic and sound mood work well together. - Khelian

Learn more

Check out the Ludum Dare page for this game to learn more about it, and download it for yourself.

The whole process was also open source. The code and assets can be found on GitHub.